Weather widget

To my great dismay, Yahoo announced earlier this year that their weather API will retire at January 3rd. And indeed, my little weather conky ceased to work at this day and thus reached its EOL. 😞

That's really too bad. Common forecast sites are peppered with dozens of javascripts and take ages to open on my Mini or my Lifebook. Here's an example which I find disagreeably slow even on my desktop. Besides, I also liked my weather conky for its aesthetic merit – at least _I_ found it pleasing to look at.

Well well well. There’s no point in crying over spilled milk. What are the options? There's conkywx, of course, the script collection for true weather aficionados. I look at it every second year and always feel that it's a tad overwhelming, at least for me, both with regard to features and visuals (one, two, three).

Alternatively, I could rebuild my weather conky around a new API – perhaps even the new Yahoo API. But I don't like to register anywhere for a simple weather forecast (and certainly not at Yahoo), and also don't want to spent more than, say, 15 min in getting a new forecast.

And then I found – the fastest weather forecast ever. It's accessible by browser or in the terminal as a curl-based service, can be configured on the fly, and its ASCII graphs breath nerdy charm.

It's a one-liner in conky:

${execpi 3600 curl -s "" | head -n -2}

for a narrow (?n) and black-and-white (?T) view and

${execpi 3600 curl -s "" | ~/.config/conky/ansito | head -n -2}

in full color thanks to ansito, which translates the ANSI color codes to the corresponding ones on conky.

But do we actually need a desktop widget when the forecast is so readily accessible? One could simple have an extra tab open in a browser, for example. Or, one could have a tab reserved for in a Guake style terminal. For convenience, one could define an alias (works for all major shells) that updates the weather forecast every hour:

alias wttr='watch -ct -n 3600 "curl -s | head -n -2"'

Hey, I like that. 😊