Zero personal data collection policy

In short: Cobra's bits does not collect or share any personal information. I do not log your IP address, I do not set cookies, nor do I use any third-party sites to load external assets, like fonts, JavaScript or CSS files, or social media plugins.

What is “Personal Information”?

Information is regarded as personal when it tells something about a human being who is or can be (uniquely) identified. This means, for example, that not just names and e-mail addresses can be personal information, but also numbers or other identifiers, such as your IP address, to the extent that they link other information to a specific human being.

Authenticity and Integrity

Traffic to and from Cobra's bits is encrypted by TLS with an A+ rating of Qualys.

IP Addresses

To effectively manage a web server, the administrator needs to obtain information about the number and nature of page requests to the server. My web server is thus configured to log each access to this site. To protect your privacy, the IP address from which this access request originated is anonymized. The log files thus do not contain any information that could be traced back to you, and are only used for aggregate data statistics to recognize trends in the site usage and potential security threats. The logs are automatically and permanently deleted after generating these statistical reports.


Cobra's bits does not set any cookies.

E-mail addresses and other personal data

There is no newsletter or comment system or anything else on Cobra's bits that would require or even allow registration.

External Resources

Cobra's bits does not utilize any external resource. Fonts are rendered locally on, including those required for mathematical expressions, and even the search is done on the client. Cobra's bits also does not embed any social media plugins.

One of the prime directives of the GDPR reads as follows: “The principle of transparency requires that any information and communication relating to the processing of those personal data be easily accessible and easy to understand, and that clear and plain language be used.” The above privacy policy was written with this spirit in mind, and was inspired by Startpage, whose privacy policy is the most clear and accessible one I've seen so far.