I like to have a weather forecast right on my desktop instead of having to to look it up on one of these overcrowded and ad-riddled weather pages or (heaven forbid!) having to switch on the TV. When I switched to conky, I thus integrated a forecast into the main conky display using conkyForecast.

A few weeks ago conky stopped forecasting, and I soon discovered that the conkyForecast script had been abandoned long ago.

Detailed information of the current weather can be obtained easily with a few lines in your .conkyrc: just query for one of the keywords 'last_update', 'temperature', 'humidity', 'pressure', 'wind_speed', 'wind_dir', 'cloud_cover'.

For example:

Temperature: ${alignr}${weather <> temperature}°C

A working .conkyrc implementing this query can be found in the Archlinux forum.

However, I get a pretty accurate idea of the current weather conditions by opening the window. What I really want is a forecast for the next days. I finally settled for an implementation querying Yahoo. I've slightly modified the original version and use it as a stand-alone conky-weather widget:


Also note the panel with all those application icons waiting to be clickedy-clicked on the left. ¡Viva la Revolución!