Some time ago, I've talked about Tabasco replacements. Several iterations later, I've now arrived at sauces which are are typically placed in the category Inhuman.


On the left, you see three sauces reaching level 10 without extracts. Angry Cock and El Chupacabra are produced by CaJohns in Ohio, while the Jolokia Sauce in the middle is made in Bad Dürkheim by Chili Food. They're all absolutely great, with the latter being particularly fresh and fruity.

On the right, you got two sauces using extract to reach level 10+ (exceeding 250000 Scovilles). Z by CaJohns is a lot like Vicious Viper, but hotter. 😉 Schwarze Witwe is fabricated again by Chili Food and probably the most potent sauce I've ever tried.