Serious sauce is serious

Some time ago, I was delighted to find a decent hot sauce in the store around the corner. When I checked last week, however, these sauces had disappeared. Upon my inquiry I was told that "this product was not accepted by our customer base". Why didn't I try this new product, the "all natural hot chili paste"? Very hot, and so natural!

Since arguing was futile, I gave in and took the paste. In a kind of desperate and naive hope I also bought the Habanero sauce from the bio store next door. At home, I tried both at once, and discovered that their “hotness” is on the same level as the mild peperoni from the pizza delivery.

All right, this is Berlin, and I can simply take the U-Bahn and go to the Pfefferhaus in Mitte. Or I can order online, which is what I finally did.

hot sauces

These are three examples out of the selection of sauces I've ordered. Notwithstanding the lurid packages, these are good-tasting and truly satisfying sauces. In contrast to super market sauces, they don't sting your tongue, but manifest themselves primarily by a slow heat building up in the throat. The dose is just right if every breath makes you feel like a dragon: invincible and full of life.

The ghost on the left, by the way, is not one of the usual metaphors in this business for death, but originates from the main ingredient of this sauce: the Naga Bhut Jolokia Chili also referred to as ghost pepper. It scares elephants, but attracts me. 😉