Symbols and more

Some LaTeX related stuff.

  • Instead of searching for symbols in the trusted Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List, you may now simply draw them. It's surprisingly accurate, and what's more: it's useful and fun.
  • If you don't know LaTeX that well, but want to write an equation: draw it.
  • Once you have the code, get a short URL to show it to your colleagues.
  • Mentioning colleagues: wouldn't it be nice to work on a manuscript together, without the need of version control systems and the likes? Look here or here.
  • Finally, an overview which amazes beginners and delights LaTeX veterans like me since it is not only comprehensive but also beautifully done. Chapeau, Lian Tze!

By the way: when flipping through the slides of the overview, I imagined a grizzled veteran with thick glasses and a shaggy beard as the author. Now look at that!