High pressure

It's suddenly spring, but my bicycles' tires are all flat. It's high time to get a pump! But which one?

Well, let's see what I need.

First of all, the pump must be able to deal with Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves. Second, it should have a secure and tight connection to all of these valves while still allowing me to change between them quickly and conveniently. And third, it should last longer than its predecessor. Ideally, it should still serve me in 20 years as well as today.

My internet research suggested that a 'Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive' should satisfy these requirements. So I got one, and after boosting my city bike's tires to 5 bar with just a few easy strokes, I felt sure that my choice was not all that bad. 😊

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