Not compatible with Firefox

The above message has indeed become less frequent compared to early versions of Firefox, but certain extensions are prone to break again and again. Particularly the most important one: Pentadactyl.

The Dactyls are strange people since they usually fix the problem within a couple of days, but then forget to change the maxVersion entry in the install.rdf. My usual routine looks then like that: I open a terminal, navigate to the folder containing the pentadactyl-nightly.xpi, and open it using vim (yes, vim can open zip archives directly).

vim pen〈TAB〉〈ENTER〉
8           /* at least as high as the current version */

Dragging the repaired xpi into Firefox' add-on manager concludes this procedure which never takes me more than 30 s. There are other ways to deal with that issue, but I prefer this one.

PS: Right, I don't use Opera anymore.