Manager syndrome

I have to admit something: recently, I forgot one or two of the dozen meetings I'm asked to attend every week. I arrived too late or even had to be searched. Quite embarassing... I've thus (grudgingly) decided to start using an electronic calendar, and as KDE user settled onto the one integrated into Kontact. But if I'm using this modern inconveniences, I also demand to be able to sync the calendar to my home.

Here's how it is working. And here're abbreviated instructions for sake of brevity:

  • set up a disconnected IMAP account in KMail
  • run 'kcmshell4 kresources', and add the entry containing IMAP Server via KMail for the calendar, contacts and notes
  • go to the KMail settings, and enable IMAP (Misc/Groupware)

Hm, that's it. It works flawlessly.

I'm not sure whether or not I should call that progress.