Bash "should-be" standards

Whenever I see a pristine Debian or Ubuntu system, I wonder why elementary functions of the bash are not activated.

You can either edit /etc/bashrc and /etc/inputrc or do the following per user:

echo "export HISTSIZE=1000" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "export HISTFILESIZE=1000" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "export GREP_OPTIONS='--color=auto'" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "shopt -s histappend" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "PROMPT_COMMAND=\"history -a; \$PROMPT_COMMAND\"" >> ~/.bashrc

echo "\"\e[5~\": history-search-backward" >> ~/.inputrc
echo "\"\e[6~\": history-search-forward" >> ~/.inputrc
echo "set match-hidden-files off" >> ~/.inputrc
echo "set page-completions off" >> ~/.inputrc
echo "set completion-query-items 350" >> ~/.inputrc
echo "set show-all-if-ambiguous on" >> ~/.inputrc