Join lines

I've been asked two questions about my latest rant.

Why I'm so concerned about the length of lines? Well, look here. When working on a manuscript, I have two A4-sized windows open side-by-side, and the actual text width amounts to 72 characters (no kidding, I just counted 😉 ).

And how I'm dealing with it? Well, most of the texts I have to edit also contain entirely legitimate line breaks, such as those in the bibliography. An automated solution is thus not easy to realize.

A single paragraph can easily be justified in most editors with 'ctrl-j' (that also applies to Kile, but not to Texmaker). It is, however, truly cumbersome to format each paragraph separately. Hence, I'm using vim which allows you to not only join the lines in one paragraph using 'J', or 'gqap', but also to reformat a whole range of text with 'ctrl-v gq'. Prior to these commands, set the texwidth to a very large value, such as 'set tw=10000'.