Decisions, decisons

Nanoblogger, the software behind this blog, is "a small weblog engine written in Bash for the command line". I really like it: it's easy to use and understand, and its only disadantage is its speed or the complete lack thereof (adding an entry takes about two minutes).

Unfortunately, n1xt3r, the developer of nanoblogger, has recently announced that development is suspended indefinitely. 😞

I don't like using dead software. So I got to find a new static blog engine soon. Haui, being particularly far-sighted or perhaps even clairvoyant, already transferred all of his nanoblogger entries to Tinkerer, a Python-based static blog compiler.

I tend towards Acrylamid instead, but I hope to get haui's help for the transfer of my blog entries in any case. Well, let's see, I haven't decided yet.