What a wonderful day

I took a day off since it's my birthday. Wanted to do some shopping, but there's a blizzard out there (well, it snows heavily and it's really quite windy 😉 ). So I decided to work instead. Let's connect to my office with the beloved Cisco vpnclient. Blam, kernel panic. Oooookkkaaaayyyy ... must have been this latest update to 2.6.29. Let's try vpnc instead. The kvpnc frontend (kde 4.2.1) is broken. No problem, let's configure vpnc manually. Oops ... "This version of vpnc was compiled without openssl support". Well, I still have the Mini. Surely the Ubuntu developers are smarter than these blasted crypto-ignorers from Mandriva! 😄 "This version of vpnc was compiled without openssl support."

Perhaps I shouldn't try to work today.

Update: Turned out that SSL was not even enabled on our Cisco ASA, so that the openssl support of vpnc did not matter at all. Bummer.