Software tends to get fatter with time. Just look at Firefox, which started as Phoenix with the self-proclaimed aim to fight the bloat of the Mozilla project. Look at it now: a fatter browser was never seen.

Others are not better. When upgrading my Mini to Maverick Meerkat, I've noticed that Chromium now takes 50 MB of my precious SSD space, just as much as Firefox does.

But what can we do? Light-weight alternatives—such as links—are limited in ability and performance, aren't they?

Are they?

uzbl git.20100403-3
    1652.8ms +/- 3.2%
Chromium 8.0.551.0 (62128)
    1834.8ms +/- 2.0%
Firefox 3.6.10
    4163.6ms +/- 1.4%

root@mini:/home/cobra# wajig size | grep chromium
chromium-codecs-ffmpeg                  1,180
chromium-browser-inspector              3,940
chromium-browser                    49,252
root@mini:/home/cobra# wajig size | grep uzbl
uzbl                            656

root@mini:/home/cobra# wajig remove

Adblocker? Privoxy:

vi ~/.config/uzbl/config
set proxy_url =

I also like

@cbind  gc<Scroogle:> = uri
@cbind  gx<IxQuick;> = uri

in ~/.config/uzbl/config.

I love this browser...its just perfect for the Mini 😊 And vi aficionadas have a new home. 😉