Among all package management systems, Mandriva's urpmi is certainly the least known, and to a considerable extent the most underrated one. Since years, its reliability in resolving dependencies is on par with Debians celebrated apt-get. It's speed has lagged behind slightly, but in its most recent incarnation (5.19), urpmi is just every bit as fast as apt-get. That's good news...and to add to it, there's a lot of functionality which is virtually unknown to everybody except the most seasoned advocates of Mandriva.

Use... urpmi "package" urpme "package" ...to install and remove packages, respectively.

And use... urpmq "package" urpmq --fuzzy "partofpackagename" ...for listing existing packages either with exactly the same name, or with part of the name as a wildcard.

And if you want to know which package contains a certain file, use... urpmf "filename" ...which will tell you both the name of the package as well as the precise path.