This blog runs on a very affordable vServer hosted by netcup. For such low-end servers, no uptime guarantees are given by any hoster. Nevertheless, I always get mails whenever the server is down either for maintenance or because its temporarily out of order, and my feeling is that this happens only rarely. But just out of curiosity, I'd like to know what the actual uptime is.

A two page article in c't 26/2021 introduced me to uptime-kuma, which seemed to fit nicely what I was looking for. The only part I didn't like was the statement “Der einfachste und schnellste Weg Uptime-Kuma zu installieren, führt über Docker und Docker-Compose” followed by an installation procedure that I would call anything else then simple and fast. Fortunately, this statement applies only to the distributions favored by the c't. On Arch, the following two commands install and start uptime-kuma as a service:

yay -S uptime-kuma
systemctl enable --now uptime-kuma.service

After configuring the services to monitor and a day of collecting data, their uptime status is displayed on https://localhost/3001 as shown below for the web and IRC servers on pdes-net.org: