Small and smaller

For those of you who are interested in a really slim window manager: try dwm, the small brother of wmii.

90 kB, and thats already with dmenu, which brings dwm very close in functionality to its big brother. 😊

By the way: I've solved these mysterious crashes of Arch when returning from wmii (or dwm) to the console.

Reason: a faulty xorg.conf.
Precise origin: not yet known.
Speculation: Not possible. Insufficient data.

Data are acquired as we speak, Captain. crazy bugger)

Update: after checking all possible combinations of modules, here the final and disappointing result: I haven't got a clue. I'd say that my previous xorg.conf contained a non-printable character, but vim would show me (and a 'ga' over the character would even show the code). Let's say it was an anomaly and nobodys fault. A cosmic particle...or, an X-file case, if you prefer that. 😄