Settling down

My new apartment is finally approaching a livable status. I've disposed of perhaps 10 m³ of things I didn't even remember to exist, spent tons of money on things I ought to have since years but never had the space for, and am now thoroughly and rightfully exhausted.

All in all, everything went truly smoothly. Most importantly, my internet connection was established just 48 hours after moving in. I only have a stable connection up to 12 Mbit down, but that's fast enough for most practical purposes. 😉

For me, the most interesting discovery I made while cleaning up was a TeXed business card from 1990 containing my first E-mail address ever:

I used mail on a dumb terminal connected to a VAX, but I don't remember much more ... just that I didn't get too many mails back then. Spam certainly wasn't an issue! 😉