Put them on ice

Using bleeding edge distributions has the charm of getting all the great new stuff prior to anyone else. Such as conky 1.10, which comes with an entirely new and shining configuration syntax. Yippee ki-yay etc. etc.

Naturally, I first got 1.10 on my three Arch-based systems. Upon startup, conky tried to convert the previous config on the fly, but failed to do so. A manual conversion via convert.lua also failed. Grmpf.

Well, I thought, the new Lua syntax doesn't seem to be that different from the old one. I thus edited my config file and changed all entries according to the new rules. Took me about 10 min. Still plenty of time till the beginning of my next meeting! Let's start conky with its new config and iron out the few remaining wrinkles in the remaining 5 min.

Error. Error. Errrror!

Come on, girls. Why don't you start a new branch of Conky (2?) and keep the old one (1.9) as stable? Why forcing the new Lua syntax down the throats of everybody, including people like me who don't have the time to pamper immature and bawling software like yours?

After the meeting, I downgraded conky and put in on hold. In Arch, you can downgrade by issuing

pacman -U conky-1.9.0-7

in the directory holding your old package, i.e., normally /var/cache/pacman/pkg (I've moved this cache to my HDD and can thus afford to keep several versions for each package). You put the package on hold by simply adding it to the line

IgnorePkg   = conky

in /etc/pacman.conf.

A few days later, the same happened in Debian Stretch. Muuuh! I checked and saw that the Jessie repository still lists conky 1.9. Excellent! Let's downgrade by first adding the Jessie repository to /etc/apt/sources.list, and then running

wajig update
wajig install conky=1.9.0-6
wajig install conky-all=1.9.0-6

To put them on hold, use

wajig hold conky
wajig hold conky-all

Don't sabotage my conkys. I like them as they are: