I've been using cloud-based storage services to synchronize files between my different machines since years. Recently, I've synchronized active projects via the ownCloud server we've set up at the office. For private purposes, such as sharing cat photos with the family, I've used Wuala since it offered ample space for this purpose for free, featured client-side encryption, and used servers located in the EU.

In June 2014, Wuala announced a new pricing plan which included a termination of the free storage offer they had previously. However, the original press release also included the statement "Remaining customers will keep their free storage." All right.

This morning, I was thus mildly surprised to receive an e-mail from Wuala stating that I've exceeded my "available Wuala storage space". Starting the client told me that my "available Wuala storage space" is 0 bytes, which I've indeed exceeded. What happened?

It turned out that Wuala didn't keep their promise and didn't communicate their business moves properly. As documented by Caschy, Wuala changed the original press release in October 2014. I haven't received any mail regarding this change.

Instead, they now inform me "that we reserve the right to delete your account if you don't upgrade or delete files within the next 30 days."

And then: "We're sure that you will continue to enjoy the benefits of Wuala, the secure Cloud Storage."

Sure. :D