Nice and hot

If you like your food hot, you will have pondered about what chili to use for which occasion. Here you see a small selection as available in my local grocery store:


The lone green one (I've eaten all others yesterday) is a Jalapeño. Mild (2000 Scoville) and with agreeable bell pepper taste, so you can use it like another veggie to get some volume (as potatoe replacement). The slim red ones are already in an entirely different league: they're Bird's Eyes (or Rawits), and the winners of this informal contest. They're hot, though not extremely so (100000 Scoville), and have a nice hot taste which will go along with a lot of different food. The yellow ones, of course, are orange Habaneros with 250000 Scoville (*hust*) and the distinct Habanero taste not always desired or liked. Personally, I love it...but the Rawit is a universal hot Chili you can enjoy even on a steak! 😉