Ich weiß immer, was ich tue

Where did I write that? When? And WHY?

Calm down: questions like that can once again be answered on KDE, this time using the Nepomuk search service:

search in dolphin

Even easier than that: just type in your search term in krunner after issuing alt+F2:

search in krunner

In this example, Nepomuk/Strigi finds more than above. That's just because I created a blog entry in the meantime, and all related folders/files are found ... basically in real time. That's pretty neat.

PS: It's official home page claims that strigi is the fastest and smallest desktop searching program. Hm ... on startup it uses more than 100 MB, and after one day of usage, 400 MB. Small is different.

PPS: Yes, the title is an insider. It refers to this story. 😉