Degrees of heat

Yesterday, I've visited my favorite Indian restaraunt and asked for an 'Indian' rated Chicken Vindaloo. I've been in India several times and know the real deal. It was close, and I don't know anybody who'd eat this Vindaloo without breaking into a sweat. 😉

Yet, when I want to have the raw deal, I don't turn to Indians, nor to Mexicans, but instead to 四川菜 (Szechuan). A favorite breakfast for kids there is 'Chili Noodle', and if they say Chili, they mean it.

Today I'm in the mood to top the Indians, so I'm cutting a Habanero for use of the remains of a great, but altogether too mild soy-beans based chili. My personal limit: I've tried two Habeneros per dish, but found to my great disappointment that the resulting melange was a tad too hard for me.

But one does the job just fine. 😄

After posting the above, I've seen the fortune of Mark Twain: "The difference between a Miracle and a Fact is exactly the difference between a mermaid and a seal."

Well said. And: "The difference between a Mermaid and a Seal is exactly the difference between a dish with one and two habaneros."