Most of you know that part of my roots are in Japan. I'm thus much concerned about the disastrous developments after Fridays' earthquake of magnitude 9 with an epicenter about a 130 km east of Sendai. What followed is a scenario taken straight from hell: a devastating Tsunami, and a serious crisis for the nuclear power stations at the coast.

The good news is that all my family and friends are fine, since they all live in the Osaka area (so, perhaps 800 km southwest from the epicenter). There, the quake was noticeable, but not threatening. The Tsunami was felt as a 30 cm wave – once again, a signature rather than a threat. What people are afraid of now is the potential nuclear meltdown in the Fukushima power stations and its possible consequences, particularly after the announcement that Fukushima 3 is running partly on Plutonium. Let's hope for the best.